Kessler Digital Digital Revolution Head $120/day+GST

The Digital Revolution Head brings the latest in digital motion control technology to a proven Kessler platform that can accommodate rigs up to 20 lbs/9KG. Ideal for cranes and jibs as well as able to be tripod or slider mounted, the Digital Revolution Head can be mounted over or under-slung to provide dynamic pan and tilt camera movement in a variety of shooting environments. 

The Digital Revolution Head connects directly to the Second Shooter or Second Shooter Plus controller where users can control the head’s pan and tilt functionality and also control focus, iris and zoom via available FIZ motors. Users may utilize controls on the Second Shooter and Second Shooter Plus Controller for operation or alternatively control the Digital Revolution Head via kOS software.  

The Digital Revolution Head can additionally be controlled via the Digital Control Center (DCC) for manual and pre-programmed camera movement with a joystick, ideal for crane and jib operation in live-video situations. When using the DCC, users will still need to connect the Digital Revolution Head to a Second Shooter or Second Shooter Plus controller as well as connect the DCC to the controller, as it acts as the motor controller in any setup. Kit includes a Second Shooter Plus Controller, Cat 5 cables, Magpak battery, AC power cable, & Hard Case.

Watch the video here: