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Create advanced time lapse movies with the Elysia Visuals RamperPro camera controller. This is the most advanced and capable timelapse controller in the world. The RamperPro can truly deliver full automatic ramping. It has never been more easy to setup your RamperPro. The new firmware that is included with the RamperPro 3 now offers a two screen setup. Just set your start exposure and the interval and you can create stunning sunset and sunrise time lapse movies.
The RamperPro is the most advanced timelapse controller in the world. It is the first controller that supports exposure (bulb) ramping with Nikon camera's (and Canon). The controller features USB control for both Nikon and Canon camera's. It can interface with all current motion control hardware and it has an intuitive touch screen interface. The RamperPro can control two camera's at the same time and it can be interfaced with two motion control rigs at the same time. You can even create advanced stereoscopic exposure ramping

Elysia Visuals RamperPro3 - $60/day+GST

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