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The Sony 2-Channel Portable Receiver with Two Bodypack Transmitters and Lav Mics Kit  includes a Sony URX-P03D 2-channel portable receiver, two UTX-B03 integrated digital wireless bodypack transmitters, two 18 inch 1/8" to XLR cables, and a Pelican 1400 case with foam. Accessories include two microphone windscreens, two microphone holders, and two belt clips. The kit can be used to capture audio for a wide range of wireless applications such as ENG (electronic news gathering), documentary work, talk shows, conferences, and more.

With the ability to receive audio from two compatible series transmitters as well as a third wired microphone, this wireless microphone system offers a wide frequency coverage with up to 72 MHz bandwidth across a broad range of channels. The integrated 3-channel mixer allows you to control levels and assign outputs freely. 

Some other features include: a large display for the receiver, easy channel scan, automatic channel-setting mode, and true diversity reception. The portable receiver is built with a Micro-USB terminal for connection to USB external portable power sources. This permits the unit to be powered by the camcorder during use.

Everything you need for accessories like belt clips, microphone holders, and windscreens for capturing audio are also included with the Sony 2-Channel Portable Receiver with Two Bodypack Transmitters and Lav Kit from B&H. This unit transmits on the 470 to 542 MHz frequency range.


Sony 2-Channel Receiver with 2 Bodypack Transmitters & Lav Mics Kit $90/day+GST

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